2007 R. Lopez de Heredia “Viña Cubillo” Rioja-Spain

Many of you are familiar with this producer and those who aren’t will certainly be pleased once you become acquainted. R. Lopez de Heredia is, in my opinion, the undisputed King of Rioja. For 139 years, four generations of the López de Heredia family have devoted themselves to producing exceptional and unique wines. Masterpieces which have achieved that which the founder of the company, Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta, defined in the late nineteenth century as the “Supreme Rioja”.

Lopez is known for aging their wines for extended periods of time in the cellar and then releasing them when they feel they are ready. While Rioja already has aging designations with Crianza, Reserva, & Gran Reserva, Lopez takes it to another level. “Cubillo” is their Crianza level wine. While Crianza is required to be aged for a minimum of 1 year in oak and another year in bottle before releasing, Lopez takes it to another level. Though it is always the most recent vintage of all their wines, it sees two years in used American oak barrels and another two in bottle prior to release, making it nearly old enough to be classified as a Gran Reserva.

I can say without a doubt that I would rather drink the Crianza from Lopez than Gran Reservas from many other inferior producers any day.

MySomm Tasting Notes: “This exhibits a “Classic Rioja” nose of perfumed, dried red fruit mixed with leather, spices and dusty foliage. This is a full-bodied wine but the texture is extremely elegant and refined. There are juicy flavors of bing cherry & blood orange up front with a long, complex finish of dusty earth, mineral, and cedar characteristics. There are dry, rustic tannins and great acidity on the finish making this a wonderful food wine.”

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I’ve used the term “Classic Rioja” a number of times in this e-mail. With dry, rustic fruit and spices, no other wines exhibit what it means to be a “Classic Style Rioja” than those from R. Lopez and you’ll see what I mean once you taste it. Alone or with food, this is a wine that you must try if it’s new to you and re-stock if it’s an old favorite.