2012 Tenute Silvio Nardi Rosso di Montalcino

There is a rockstar, almost celebrity stigma associated with wineries and winemakers. The far less glamorous truth, however, is that most winemakers are simply farmers growing a crop. This is especially true of the Old World estates in France & Italy. It is fitting then, that what allowed Silvio Nardi to purchase the Casale del Bosco Estate in Montalcino was his father Francesco’s invention of a new plow called the “Voltaorecchio”. The new plow was so monumental that in 1903 this method of plowing was named “The Nardi System” by the American Encyclopedia of Modern Agriculture.

Silvio Nardi has always focused on his vineyards, taking advantage of innovative winemaking technology and at the same time following his belief in the importance of specific terroir. In 1991 Silvio’s daughter Emilia took over the estate and continued to evolve and improve upon her father’s namesake. Today, Nardi is known for producing some of the best Single Vineyard Brunellos in Montalcino and a Rosso that combines the essence of these vineyards into a pure expression of Sangiovese and it’s unique terroir.

MySomm Tasting Notes: “I was blown away by this wine. Normally when I taste wine I formulate an opinion quickly, make my notes and move on. I kept going back to this wine over and over again; it was showing so beautifully.

To me the first sign of a truly great wine is when you’re so enamored by the aromas that you don’t even want to taste the wine, just smell it. The nose was wonderfully expressive with notes of ripe red fruit, charred orange peel, flowers and spices like clove and anise, and a distinct, earthy minerality.

Once you can pull yourself away from smelling it for long enough to taste it, you experience a wonderful medium bodied wine. Up front the flavors are bright, juicy, and lively with zingy red fruit, asian spice characteristics (soy & ginger), and a touch of herbaceousness reminiscent of dried oregano and wet Autumn foliage. This wine has an amazing texture with well integrated tannins and a silky mouthfeel. It has incredible tension and is succulent & mouthwatering. One of the most well balanced and structured wines I’ve come across in a long time. Great on it’s own but will be exceptional with a wide variety of foods.”

MySomm Price: $22.99/Delivered
*Just Over 40 Bottles Available!!*

Every wine that I e-mail about is a wine that I’m excited and passionate about. They’re all well made wines that show a true expression of place and varietal and are good values for their quality. Sometimes, though, a wine comes along that makes you give pause and try to delve deeper into the distinct nuances.

Bottles like this rejuvenate my excitement for wine in general. Not every “epiphany” wine has to be an icon or expensive or be a wine that ignites a sudden Oenophilia that didn’t exist before. Sometimes a wine can just serve as a reminder of what made us fall in love with the juice in the first place, and this is such a wine.