2015 Domaine Benoit Ente Bourgogne Chardonnay

Great White Burgundy holds a special place in my echelon of personal favorite wines, just below Champagne & Northern Rhone Reds. When it comes to Burgundy, it’s my opinion that the importance lies first with the producer, followed by the region, and lastly the vintage. Thus I prefer to get a wine of a lower classification (like a Bourgogne level wine) from an excellent producer than a village or even 1er cru wine from a lesser producer.

When it comes to producers of White Burgundy, there are few that I like more than Benoit Ente. Great Chardonnay production runs in the Ente family as Benoit is the younger brother of Arnaud Ente, one of the greatest Chardonnay producers in the world, but if Benoit continues on his current trajectory he won’t be known as the “other” Ente for long.

Every year I only get a small allocation of his wines and I await them with great anticipation. The 2015s are fantastic. I’ve got about 36 bottles of the Bourgogne Blanc as well as a case of the Puligny Montrachet. If you’re a lover of great Chardonnay, especially from Burgundy, these are wines that you don’t want to miss.

MySomm Tasting Notes: “Vibrant nose of Granny Smith apple, & pear poached in butter and Fall spices. There are also lovely wisps of honeyed white flower. The wine is medium-bodied & elegant with textural finesse. Orchard fruit & hints of lemon-tinged minerality dance a lively jig on the tongue long after the wine has been imbibed. The wine has tremendous volume & packs a significant punch while retaining an absolute purity that you don’t find in most wines of Bourgogne level classification. An absolute stunner.”

MySomm  Price: $39.19
*Only 36 Bottles Available*