Amalie Robert Pinot Meunier Willamette Valley, Oregon

Last week I did a Father’s Day feature that included a handful of different wines. One of them was the Amalie Robert. After revisiting the wine again on Friday and seeing other’s reaction to it, I realized that the Pinot Meunier from Amalie Robert needed it’s own feature.

Pinot Meunier is probably most well known as being one of the main three grapes used to make Champagne. It is a close relative of Pinot Noir and is particularly known for it’s finesse and elegance. With it’s delicate light body and soft, easy texture, I cannot think of a better red wine to drink in the Louisiana Summer.

Because of its delicate nature, in the wrong hands, the wine can come across as watery and weak. Luckily, Amalie Robert Winery is not the wrong hand. In 2011 it was Wine & Spirits Winery of the Year. There is only one criterion in their decision making on creating a wine, “Will this action respect the character of our site and improve the wine?” They believe they are stewards of the land.

Their dedication to terroir-driven, expressive wines is never more evident than in their Pinot Meunier. This is truly a wonderful wine.

Winery Tasting Notes: “Aromas of fresh, ripe Oregon strawberries, crystallized red rose petals, purple wildflowers and cocoa dusted almonds enchant. An elegant and refined palate experience evokes sweet-tart red fruits providing the delicate veil for a firm and engaging finish, aka the velvet glove. Lithe and elegant, savory and sweet – quite the little tart, indeed.”

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24 Bottles Available, first come first server

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