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You've Been Asking For These!

*Friday 12:00-6:00 

*Saturday 12:00-5:00

Happy Friday Friends!

There are a few wines & spirits that many of you have been asking me about for the last month or so.  Covid has made getting product a little more difficult than usual.  However, I've finally gotten some of the items you guys have been asking me for.  Come by today or Saturday and grab some of these guys.  

I also have a TON of other new items that I think will entice you guys.  See you soon. 


*Come inside...or don't!  It's your choice.  Get your wine at the counter or let me bring it out to you!

Just Call or text me (337-351-7532) to order some of these or anything else and I'll Put it Straight In Your Vehichle *









Casamigos Tequila:  Añejo & Blanco

The Hottest Tequila on the market right now IN THE HOUSE!

Urban Provence Rosé-$23.99 
One of my most popular rosé's been away for a while now but it is here ready to go to a good home.





Picpoul de Pinet-$16
We had multiple Picpouls in the last few weeks, but this one was decidedly the winner.  FOUR CASES of this available for the REST OF SUMMER!