Domaine Franck Peillot Sparkling Wine

I have always been a huge fan of Sparkling Wine. For me, there are no wines so complex, so nuanced as Sparkling Wine from Champagne, or any other Sparkling producing regions of similar quality.

The main issue with Champagne is, and always has been price. Champagne or Sparkling Wine is too often seen as a wine only for celebrations. I say let the Sparkling Wine BE the celebration!

With that said, I am very happy and proud to be able to share with you what I consider to be one of the best Sparkling Wines on the market today…

The Producer
Domaine Franck Peillot

The Region
Montagnieu in Bugey, France

The Grapes
Altesse, Mondeuse, & Chardonnay

The Soil
Jurassic Limestone

Tasting Notes
This Montagnieu Brut exhibits a very clean, fresh nose of brioche, lemon curd, & rain-soaked slate. On the palate, the wine offers up a lovely, rich texture that is in no way lacking in acidity or precision. The wine is extremely pure and elegant and should be enjoyed without hesitation, either with food or without.

MySomm’s Rating
4 out of 5 (Outstanding Quality to Price Ratio)

Normal Price–$22.55
*MySomm Price–$20.04*