2012 Cristom “Mt. Jefferson Cuvée” Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, Oregon

In Winemaking, “Whole Cluster Fermentation” refers to the fermentation of intact clusters of grapes as they are picked from the vine with no intervention of machines leaving all berries and stems intact. The Burgundians have been practicing Stem Inclusion & Whole Cluster Fermentation for centuries.

Whole Cluster Fermentation is a way to tone down fruit characteristics and add other dimensions of flavors and aromas to the wine. This process is a core credo for Cristom Vineyards & part of what separates their wine from other New World producers who don’t use this classic practice. The “Mt. Jefferson Cuvée” is Cristom’s flagship Pinot Noir and blends grapes from all 6 of their estate vineyards. It consistently represents the classic expression of true Willamette Terroir.

MySomm’s Tasting Notes: 
“The 2012 Cristom “Mt. Jefferson Cuvée” is beautifully expressive on the nose. Aromas of dried roses, baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice) & dusty wood smoke eminate from the glass. The wine is less fruit forward on the palate than many 2012 Willamette Pinots, instead perfectly balancing fruit & non-fruit components. Light bodied with a satin texture, the Cristom is an elegant, sexy Pinot Noir made with a deft hand. Enjoy this with Pork, Salmon, Roasted Chicken, or Simiple Charcuterie.”
MySomm Price: $29.70

This is a really wonderful Pinot Noir. It offers up a tremendous amount of quality for a good price. If you’re a Pinot Lover, this one is not to be missed.