2007 Monsecco Nebbiolo-Ghemme, Italy

Summer is officially here everyone,

School’s out, the kids are home, and you need good wine to get you through the dog days ahead.

Piedmont Italy is best known for the two big “B’s” Barolo & Barbaresco. By no means is that where the quality ends, though. MySomm thinks (And New York Times Wine Writer Aric Asimov Agrees) that Piedmont’s Northern Region, including Gattinara, Ghemme, Carema, & Boca, are producing some of the best wines & values to be found in Italy.

A century ago, the wines of the Ghemme and Gattinara regions were more plentiful and highly regarded than those of Barolo & Barbaresco but as workers and factories moved South during WWII, these regions became forgotten. Recently, though, these regions have seen a viticultural revival making wines from here a real price/quality value in comparison to their Southern counterparts. However, this discrepancy won’t last forever and the prices of these regions are sure to creep up as the wines become more popular.

All the more reason to stock up on them now while they are still relatively obscure…


Facts about Ghemme:

  1. The soil is alluvial, rich in clay, & has some of the highest acidity in Piedmont.
  2. The climate is quite cool because of the Monte Rosa to the Northwest.
  3. The D.O.C.G. rules of the region require the wines to be at least 75% Nebbiolo.

90% Nebbiolo; 5% Vespolina; 5% Bonarda

Tasting Notes
A delicate, pleasant, & ethereal nose. Hints of violet, rose, nuttiness & wild berries, particularly raspberry. Full bodied with silky tannins and velvety, harmonic balance.

Possible Food Pairings

  • Red Meat
  • Quail, Pheasant, Duck
  • Aged Hard Cheeses

MySomm rates this 4.3 of 5 points

This is not an easy wine to find and there is not much. Only 36 Bottles Available.

MySomm Price – $45.72/btl