Impress Your Guests With a Personalized Wine Tasting

Impress Your Guests With a Personalized Wine Tasting

Add some elegance to your event with an in-home wine tasting in Lafayette, LA

Standing around and sipping fine wine is a classy way to spend time with loved ones and friends. Instead of going out to experience a wine tasting, schedule an in-home wine tasting through MySomm Wine Merchant. Our talented sommelier will serve wine at your party that's been specifically curated for your event.

Our in-home wine tasting is a perfect pair to a home-cooked meal. We'll tailor the wines we serve to the meal itself to bring out the flavors of the wine and the food. Throughout the tasting, you'll get to speak with and learn from a private sommelier. Treat your guests to an event they won't forget by hiring our private sommelier today.

Host a wine tasting at your party

Everyone loves attending a well-planned dinner party. Take your event to the next level by hiring a private sommelier in Lafayette, LA. We'll bring the wine tasting to you. We specialize in curating wines for parties and personal preferences. Our process is simple. We'll:


Reserve a date for your in-home wine tasting


Learn about your preferences and intended menu


Curate wines to enhance the flavor profile of the food


Serve the specially curated wines at your party

Host a party your friends will truly enjoy by hiring our private sommelier for your event. Book our services by calling 337-344-3222 now.