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We will be closed Saturday, June 27th for a family event.  So If you need to stock up for the weekend, Today is the Day!

*We will also be open Additional Hours Monday, June 29 as a make-up day to afford you another opportunity to stock up for the 4th Weekend.



MySomm Wine Merchant
Your Complete Wine Store

Everything You Need for Every Occasion

Friday 12:00-6:00

Good Morning My Friends,  

It has recently come to my attention that I may not have always done the most efficient job in clearly explaining what MySomm Wine Merchant is all about.  There are many reasons for that, including that the specificities of MySomm have adapted over the years, and that the concept in general has sometimes been difficult to explain.  Yet, I kind of think that part of the appeal of what we do here, is part of what makes it hard to explain; because I don't think there are any other wine purveyors quite like MySomm.  I truly believe that we are the most complete wine service you can experience in Louisiana.  


*If you're concerned about distancing, you can text me (337-351-7532) to order  anything and I'll just run it out to you when you arrive!*




We've really got you covered in all styles and prices!

*Sparkling Wine & Champagne $10-$200
*Light, Crisp Whites Perfect for Summer
*Light, Mineral Chardonnays
*Oaky, Buttery Chardonnays
*Pinots from California, Burgundy, New Zealand, etc...
*Bordeaux from $15-$1,500
*Cabernets from California at the $25 Sweet Spot 
*Cabernets under $20 all the way to $200
and many, many more...

And as always, if we don't have it on hand, we'll order it for you!  





Full Retail Wine Shop 
Including the Best Champagne Selection in Acadiana

I know in the past we have occasionally changed our stance on the amount of inventory we carry.  I'd like to make it perfectly clear, while I like to consider us the most "personal" wine shop in the area, we also have an extensive selection of wines that you can WALK IN & PURCHASE at any time we're open.  We're here for everyone, from those looking for a customized case to those looking to pick out a bottle for the evening. 

*P.S. Don't discount the fact that almost anytime you come into our humble shop, you'll have the opportunity to taste a few wines to help us learn your palate together*



The Custom Component
You have unlimited access to your own personal Sommelier at all times

While we want everyone to know that they can pop in and grab a bottle at any time, what really seperates MySomm apart from everyone else is the personalized service you'll receive.  I truly believe that any repeat customer would attest to that fact and the fact that they can text or e-mail me at almost any time, not only for general advice but also for things like recommendations on restaurant wine list selections among many other things.  Once we get to know each other, will make it my mission to make sure that you only receive the the perfect wine to match your taste, budget, & specific circumstances.