MySomm Champagne Merchant:  You Simply Can't Find This Just Anywhere


You won't find these anywhere else in Acadiana


Cédric Bouchard
"Roses de Jeanne"

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,

I like to think that there are a few things that separate MySomm from other, bigger wine stores.  Firstly, in always getting to deal directly with me, you get to experience first hand my incredible good looks, wit, & charm. (Insert wink emoji).  Seriously though, our ability to discuss your tastes one on one every time and for you to be able to give feedback directly to me allows us to have a unique relationship when it comes to buying wine.  Hopefully, it allows you to be more confident that you'll enjoy your wine purchases.  Also, over the years, you loyal customers have trusted me and purchased some of the more eclectic, boutique wines on my recommendation.  This has allowed MySomm to develop enough clout to procure some of the coolest, rarest, most exciting wines out there.  Things you simply can't get just anywhere.  Things like the entire line of Champagne from Cedric Bouchard. 

As a lover of Champagne above all other wines, I am honored to again be able to offer you wines from one of the most sough-after producers in the world...the Champagne Roses de Jeanne from Cédric Bouchard.  A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Cédric Bouchard has only been making wine since 2000 yet he has quickly risen to prominence in the world of Sparkling Wine.  

"From his tiny Roses de Jeanne estate, he produces minute quantities of impeccably exquisite wines with a policy of 'one variety, one parcel, one harvest':  each wine is made of a single grape variety and grown in a single vineyard, and each wine comes from a single vintage, even if it isn’t stated on the label.  Bouchard selects ruthlessly in both the vineyard and the cellar, and ultimately only the highest-quality juice is retained. 'If the wine isn’t of top quality, I sell it to the négoce,' he says. 'It’s either top-of-the-line or nothing.'  Ironically, Bouchard is bothered by wines that are overly bubbly.  To that end, his wines have a unique style of having a lower pressure than usual for champagne, at 4.5 atmospheres rather than 6."-Peter Liem, Author of CHAMPAGNE.

I could talk nerdy about how special Bouchard's wines are for days and days but I'd lose your attention.  Suffice it to say that these wines are special and this is the first time I've been able to offer ALL of the different single offerings from Bouchard.  Grab what you can while they last.




Normally, I only put my own tasting notes on wines that I have personally gotten to taste.  Though I have tasted each and every one of these individually on multiple occasions, here I have chosen to put Mr. Peter Liem's notes, as I feel like I cannot put my thoughts into equally eloquent words. -Ben


Côte de Val Vilaine 

Norm $74.99
Special:  $67.49

Blanc de Noirs-100% Pinot Noir
The Heart of Champagne, The Aube Region

"Since 2012, when Bouchard deliberately reduced the yields in this parcel, this cuvée has become noticeably more concentrated in flavor. The 2016 continues that trend, showing brambly flavors of blackberry and black cherry that feel vinous and stern in their intensity. At the same time, this demonstrates a pronounced finesse as well, with a silky texture and fine mousse, and it’s harmonious and complete on the palate, appearing unusually approachable for a young Val Vilaine."-Peter Liem




Côte de Bechalin 

Norm $99.99
Special:  $89.99

Blanc de Noirs-100% Pinot Noir
The Heart of Champagne, The Aube Region

"From a southwest-facing parcel of pinot noir planted in 1980 and 1981, this is fruity and ripe, with notes of guava, pomelo and Meyer lemon accenting the red-fruit flavors. It seems free of the 2011 herbalness, appearing succulent, and it finishes with a rich texture and long, fragrant length, already showing superbly well now."-Peter Liem




La Boloree Millesime 2015

Norm $179.99
Special:  $149.99

100% Very Old, Very Rare Pinot Blanc
The Heart of Champagne, The Aube Region

"Made from 100% Old Vine Pinot Blanc, one of Champagne's original varietals, these are some of the finest wines that he has ever released.  Feeling racy, pure and energetic. Its flavors of green pear, litchi, kiwi and makrut lime are detailed and sleek, with a glassy clarity typical of pinot blanc, and they finish with remarkable finesse and length, balanced by fine and harmonious acidity. A contender for the very best La Bolorée yet."-Peter Liem


La Haut Lemblé

Norm $129.99
Special:  $115

Blanc de Blancs-100% Chardonnay
The Heart of Champagne, The Aube Region

"Bouchard’s chardonnay is consistently structured and tense, but the 2014 seems even more wound up than usual, wrapped in its youthful, racy acidity. At the same time it feels complete and expressive, with ripe flavors of guava and Asian pear, and it’s exceptionally long and vivid on the finish, almost electric in its energy. This is outstanding."-Peter Liem



Norm $149.99
Special:  $134.99

Blanc de Noirs-100% Pinot Noir
The Heart of Champagne, The Aube Region

"Bouchard planted this west-facing site in 2007, making his first harvest in 2010, and the 2014 is the finest release from this vineyard yet, marked by an intense energy and vivid tension. Its fragrant red-fruit is gamy and perfumed, almost poulsard-like, and it feels silky and refined, with a resonant depth of flavor and a long, lively finish. This is superb, and it should only gain in complexity and expression with further aging."-Peter Liem