MySomm’s #1 Wine of 2016! 2012 Eric Texier “St. Julien en St. Alban”

When it came to choosing my Number 1 wine of 2016 it really wasn’t a difficult choice. The Old Vine Serine from Texier is everything I look for in a great wine. It’s unique, exotic, and complex. It shows the passion of the winemaker and the true sense of place of the region. This is truly one of a kind!

For those who aren’t familiar with Sérine, it is an ancient grape variety whose origin and identity are immersed in contradiction. Are Syrah & Sérine the same grape? Is Syrah an ancestor of Sérine? No one is absolutely sure.

What I can tell you is this: Highly respected producers from my personal favorite region (Cote Rotie) like Jean-Michel Stephan & Bernard Levet are adamant advocates of this ancient gape variety. In their opinion, every great Northern Rhone wine owes it’s style to the expression of Sérine.

My favorite red wine in the world is Cote Rotie and I can tell you, as I sat and smelled and tasted this wine I quickly realized…this is the closest to that elegant, wild style that I have ever come across; and at a fraction of the price.

Two years ago, in January of 2015, I sat on the top of the “La Chapelle” vineyard in Hermitage, France drinking Jaboulet “E’rmitage la Chapelle” with an ambassador from the Domaine.

Later, after tasting numerous boutique Northen Rhone Syrahs with “le Grec”, a famous proprietor of wine in the town square of Tain l’Ermitage, I stood on the balcony of a small hotel drinking a rare Cote Rotie, overlooking the Rhone River.

The memory of the smell of the wine that evening is the memory that is brought to mind every time I raise this Texier Sérine up my nose.

MySomm Tasting Notes: “After 30 minutes of being open, this wine exudes a beautiful lilac perfume that intoxicates the drinker before even sampling the libation. The aromas of bacon, violets, & blackberry pie seduce you into your first sip which reveals a medium bodied wine, manifesting flavors of flowers, dark fruit, & roasting spices. This is an absolutely stunning value that drinks much like the paradigms of it’s style.”

MySomm Price: $27.92

I can’t think of a better wine to end the countdown of the top wines of 2016 than this one. This is a wine that exemplifies everything about my favorite red wine in the world. It is sexy, elegant, powerful, & memorable. This is a must try.

Thank you all for being part of another year in MySomm’s journey. I can’t to start a new year with new fantastic wine experiences to share with you all.

Cheers to all the memories created this year and to all the ones yet to be made!