Champagne Bérêche et Fils

The value of all values in Champagne is back in stock!

A year ago I was the first in the area to bring you the beautiful bubbles from Bereche et Fils. Since then, there is no Champagne that I get more demand for. Unfortunately, there is not a ton of this stuff made and Louisiana’s allocation is modest. Luckily, I get a full third of the State’s allocation and I just received this year’s!

As I’ve often said, I’m a big proponent of the Grower Champagnes, the small houses that control the process from the vine to the wine. A handful of these growers—such as Cédric Bouchard and Jérôme Prévost—have become cult figures, but the vast majority continue to be hidden from our view. Yet, for Bérêche et Fils., the buzz has been building, for the simple reason that the brilliance of their Champagnes has flown under the radar far too long.

Their range of Cuvées begins with the Brut Réserve, a blend of 70% wines from the base year with the balance reserve wines, composed from approximately one-third each of the three major varieties. This year’s blend is 35% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, & 35% Pinot Meunier. A model of harmony, nuance and verve, it is a pure expression of the domaine’s varied terroirs that demonstrates both the Bérêche brothers great skill and their originality

MySomm’s Tasting Notes: “A masterpiece of racy precision mixed with richness and finesse. The nose takes complexity to another level with aromas ranging from lemon parfait and ripe strawberry to smoke-tinged, roasted hazelnuts and honeyed white flowers. Upfront it displays a laser like, linear precision that slowly opens up into a rich, creamy mid-palate and finally culminates in a voluptuous, lingering finish. Truly this is the finest of Grower Bubbles to be found at this price range. Don’t miss out!”

Special MySomm Easter Price: $45/btl  (Limited Availability)