2014 Pocketbook Cabernet Sauvignon Central Coast California

Last week three separate people walked into my shop to ask me for a specific wine…Pocketbook Cabernet Sauvignon. I had never heard of it before. I reached out to every supplier that I had and none of them could provide any info on it either. After much investigation, I discovered that this wine was a wine that is exclusive to one restaurant in each major market in Louisiana (NOLA, BR, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport.).

In Lafayette that distinction belongs to Antoni’s Italian Cafe in the Oil Center. The great owners of Antoni’s were kind enough to agree to let me offer this wine to you guys so do me a favor and thank them by going enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of Pocketbook at Antoni’s Italian Cafe.

I can’t even find a picture of this wine on the internet! What we are told is that the Pocketbook is basically the same juice as a renowned California Cab who wishes to remain anonymous. All we DO know is the technical information and the wineries tasting notes. I’ll list all that info below. And most importantly, we know that you can buy this retail at MySomm.

*100% Barrel Aged: 22 Months with a combination of New French Oak, New American Oak, & Some Used Solvenian Oak.

80% Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Merlot
6% Cabernet Franc
4% Petit Verdot

13.8% ABV

MySomm Tasting Notes: “Aroma: Typical cool climate Cabernet Sauvignon, cherry, wet stone, slight minerality. Notes of Cocoa and plum.
Palate: Flavors of bing cherry, black pepper, hints of cranberry. Chewy, delicious tannins with a savory finish.

MySomm Price: $19.67