Champagne Bérêche et Fils

bereche and fils

Champagne is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Since I introduced Acadiana to the beautiful Champagne Bereche a couple of years ago, no Champagne has been more requested by MySomm customers. Unfortunately, there is not a ton of this stuff made and Louisiana’s allocation is modest. Luckily, I get a full third of the State’s allocation and I just received this years!

When it comes to a Non-Vintage Champagne, the goal is to provide a sense of consistency year after year. So what does change in a NV Champagne you bought last year and the one you bought today? The blend of grapes can change, the blend of different vintage wines can change, but the biggest difference between a Champagne you have one year and the same one you have the next year is the date of Disgorgement. Disgorgement, or dégorgement, is a step in the process of making sparkling wine in which the lees on which the wine has been aging are expelled from the bottle to produce the clean, clear bubbles we come to love. The longer the wine sits on the lees, the more rich and creamy the Champs will be. The longer ago the wine was disgorged will also affect the richness of the wine. This release was disgorged in December of 2018.

Bereche’s range of Cuvées begins with the Brut Réserve, a blend of 70% wines from the base year with the balance reserve wines, composed from approximately one-third each of the three major varieties. This year’s blend is 35% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, & 35% Pinot Meunier. A model of harmony, nuance and verve, it is a pure expression of the domaine’s varied terroirs that demonstrates both the Bérêche brothers great skill and their originality.

MySomm Tasting Notes: “A remarkable champagne of bottomless depth. It offers a beautiful perfume of clean, crisp citrus, peach, white pepper, & lovely strawberry tones. It’s full-bodied with a dense core. It’s muscular yet elegant. Baking spice and floral flavors add another layer of complexity to the bright citrus and baked apple characteristics. The finish is rich & powerful, almost hedonistic, and leaves you drooling for another sip.”

MySomm Price: $49/btl